Oil Change – One of the Most Important Services for Your Car!

How many oil changes has your car had? Traditionally it has been accepted that the best rule of thumb is to change your oil every 3,000 miles. However, with better grades of oil and higher performance cars, that average is more like every 5,000 miles. When in doubt, just check your owner's manual and see what the manufacturer's recommendation is for changing the oil on your specific car.

Why do you need to change the oil? Over time, with changes in driving conditions and weather conditions (hot, humid, cold) the oil gets dirty. These particulates sliding in the oil can cause wear and tear on the metal components of your engine.

So, how many oil changes should your car have? Check your owner's manual for the recommended number of miles (some manuals say 5,000 miles) and simply divide the total number of miles on your car's odometer. For example, if your car has 60,000 miles on it, divide that by 5,000 and your car should have had a minimum of 12 oil changes.

Keeping on top of oil changes is a great way to ensure your engine runs smoothly for a long time! So, check your calendar and see when your car should have its next oil change. At Nerger's Auto Express our intent is to make sure your car stays in top condition and keeps you and your family safely on the road. Next time you need an oil change, give us a call!

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List of Auto Repair Services (Financing Available for repairs over $199 – call for details!)

At Nerger's Auto Express, we provide all the auto repair services your vehicle needs, including:

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