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At Nerger’s Auto Express, we have made the care of our auto repair customers our first and foremost priority. No matter what you drive, we want you to know there is a shop you can bring your car, where you will both enjoy the high quality, friendly service you deserve.

Here's what some of our customers have said about our services.

Brian and his dad were great. They helped us out with rides back and forth to pick up our vehicle and drop it off as well. Very convenient, friendly, and honest service. Great work and will be back again!

— Google Review

They took time to locate the problem of my car overheating and fix it. Great service.

— M. Pope

Nergers is like home , get treated with respect and get treated like family .... Reasonable prices and if there anything wrong it gets taken care of mechanics are amazing sales manager Tony was a excellent help

— (Facebook Review)

Yesterday my brother-in-law brought my sister's car in for brake service. He was very nervous about taking his car to a service shop even though I've been telling him about this place for years; he usually does minor repairs himself and basically doesn't trust service shops. Well, after picking up the car he came home a very happy camper. He was more than satisfied with the service and I, of course, am so happy that he was happy with my recommendation! Nerger's is the BEST!

— (Facebook Review)

I've ALWAYS received excellent service from Brian and his staff, including a very quick flat-tire repair about 1 1/2 months ago (just encountered a nail lying in the wrong place). Just a very reliable place to do business with!

— Evan Robatino (Facebook Review)

Nergers has been our car repair place for more than ten years. They will work until they find the source of car problems and then are very good at fixing the car. A short drive with Brian often pinpoints the problem when there is an associated noise. When we get an oil change, the car is also checked to make sure it is safe. When we have had a sudden serious problem, they have been willing to work on the car immediately. A ride home has been offered many times. Brian, Adnan, and Melissa (on the front desk) are very courteous and informative.

—(Facebook Review)

Nerger's Auto is the best place around by a long shot. I own a 1999 Ford E250 Van and the check engine light and ABS light has been on for years. I took it to numerous place through the years and no one could figure out or diagnose the problem and said its probably a computer glitch including the FORD DEALER! I was recommended by a friend to try our Nerger's. I asked the sales manager Brian that maybe they could just remove the bulb because I am planning to sell it. Brian was so honest that he considered that to be "dirty" and unethical for the future owner and he would do a variety of tests to diagnose why the "check engine and ABS light" were on. His company ran the tests, found the issue,fixed the same day. and now the check engine light is off and I can sell it easier. Thanks Brian and your crew! I will high recommend you to anyone I know with car issues.

—(Yelp Review)

Hello, I am so grateful to finally have the time to be able to write a full review of Nerger’s Auto Express. I have never in my entire life (44 years and counting) seen an auto repair shop that provides more customer service than Nerger’s. They don’t just treat you like a customer, they treat you like family, like gold. Brian is a phenomenal service provider and he is more thorough than anyone Ii have ever seen. His staff, and I mean his entire staff, is just an absolute delight. The mechanics are top notch, financing services are available, and they even provide transportation to pick up either your car or you if you need a ride. I just can’t imagine going anywhere else to get my car serviced. God bless you all.

— Willie

The friendliest and most helpful people you can meet. Larry was extremely helpful, and very personable, and I will definitely come back to him for any of my car troubles.

— J.T.

My first time using Nerger’s was a very positive experience. I have been looking for a competent and reliable mechanic for a long time. The staff at Nerger’s took the time to explain what needed to be addressed now, soon, and later. The customer service is excellent and I will definitely be a return customer. Maintenance on a vehicle is not cheap nowadays, but making an educated decision on what needs to be done is certainly less expensive than a new car loan payment.

— S.B.

Nerger’s is a great place that bends over backwards to help the customer. They have a great service where they will provide transportation for you so you don’t have to sit there and wait while they repair your vehicle. I have bought, sold, and repaired vehicles with Brian and he has always been very fair and his techs have never done wrong by me. I would and have recommended Brian to everyone in the area.

— E

I have been bringing my cars to Nerger’s to get maintained and repaired for over 20 years. They have always provided me with excellent service, but this time I decided I had to write about what a great job they did. I had a broken fuel pump replaced in my Audi at Nerger’s over a year ago. Afterwards, when I drove the car, I noticed a slight humming sound coming from it when I stepped on the accelerator. I figured it was just due to the new pump and once it got “broken in” the sound would go away. Since then, the sound would come and go but I never did anything about it. A couple weeks ago the sound became very loud. I brought my car into Nerger’s and told them my story. Even though it was over a year since they had originally installed the fuel pump, they replaced it with a brand new one and didn’t charge me for the part or labor! They really stand behind their work!! One of their best services they provide is that they will drive the customer home or to work when the car is brought in for service and pick the customer up later when it is ready. And they always treat their customers in a very friendly manner. I highly recommend Nerger’s for your automobile maintenance and repairs.

— E

My experiences with Nerger’s Auto Express have been exceptional. The people there are great, they treat you like family! Melissa and Adenon will do everything they can to make sure you leave happy. The owner Brian is also a fun guy to talk to if you have the time. They have a free standard 40 point diagnosis for every car that they work on, which I love because paying a diagnosis fee is slightly annoying. The mechanics are experienced and will explain to you in detail what the problem with your car is. When you go here you receive excellent customer service. There are no shenanigans that go on here. I recommend this shop to anyone experiencing car problems.

— D.G.

In a word, Nerger’s Auto Express is honest. To give an example, the first time I brought my car in, I expected to have my radiator replaced, due to a leak. Another shop I had visited was ready to perform the replacement, but the mechanic at Nerger’s discovered that the leak was coming from a loose clamp, and not the radiator itself. He tightened it for free, and I was on my way. Nerger’s is not out there to screw people over. You can trust that they will let you know everything about your car.

— F.F

I have been bringing my cars to Nerger’s for 20 years because of the great care that we receive and because of the honesty of Brian Nerger. Because trust is so important to me, I continue to use Nerger’s for every bit of service, even after moving from Bound Brook to the Jersey Shore. Brian bought two of my cars that he had regularly serviced for his personal use when I decided to purchase new ones. Talk about standing behind one’s work!!! Thanks for everything.

— M

I broke down on the road and they got me in quickly, great customer service, repaired the vehicle correctly and got me on the road again…If I lived in the area I would tell all my friends and family to go there. I think these guys are on top of their game and I would consider them to be one of the best shops in the automotive business.

— Sharon

Great customer service – Quick, honest repairs – Pleasure to deal with.

— P

I was visiting NJ from New Hampshire when my water pump failed. Brian stayed at the shop until well after closing (past dinner time…) and personally replaced the water pump, ensuring my safe and timely return to NH the next day. Brian was highly recommended and lives up to that reputation.

— F

Nerger’s Auto Express – Integrity at its best! There’s nothing you want more in an auto repair shop than honesty, integrity, and value. I have always been pleased with the courteous and professional service provided by Nerger’s. They are prompt to call when work is done or if there are any questions about desired service. It always seems like a prize when you find a mechanic you can trust. Nerger’s is that prize! As an aside, they are also great about appreciating referral business. I have received free oil changes for referring friends to them. Essentially, when you refer someone, you get a free oil change (or discount off service) and the person you refer gets the same. A win win!

— S