There is no better choice in Raritan for Car repair than the shop at Nerger's Auto Care.  Whether your car is newer or older, you don't have to deal with a dealership for your next Auto repair.

What qualities are you looking for in your auto repair service center? Do things like integrity, professionalism, and superior customer service sound good to you?  If so, then stop by Nerger's Auto Care near Raritan to find out how we can help you.

From basic maintenance services, like preventative maintenance of your vehicle, to larger repairs, such as engine exhaust replacement and Diesel repairs, we have the equipment and experience to repair your car to our high standards.

When it comes to things like cooling system service, timing belt replacements and even tire rim repairs, we feel there is not auto shop in Rariton that can complete these jobs as effectively as the trained technicians in our shop.

Our past customers also believe this is true.  That is why so many of them come back time and time again for smaller jobs like oil changes, to larger ones like Transmission repairs.

There is simply no substitute for the level of care and customer service you’ll get at Nerger's Auto Care. Over the years, we have built a reputation for excellent car care that our customers turn to time and time again.